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Device Configuration Files (DCF)

The format of the Device Configuration File is almost identical to the EDS.

The idea of a DCF is to store the configuration parameters of a specific node. This can include minimum, maximum and default values for each entry. The DCF stores a specific setting, the current value that an Object Dictionary entry has or should have. The idea is that a CANOPEN configuration tool or master can use the EDS to find out which entries are accessible in a node, and they can use a DCF to store (or retrieve) the values that a node has in these Object Dictionary entries. thus it becomes possible to save and restore all settings of a node: to save current settings a tool/master would read all Object Dictionary entries of a node and store the values read in a DCF.

How can a CANOPEN configuration tool or master access OD entries of a remote node? CANOPEN uses for such purpose a point-to-point communication channel between the master (client) and the node (server). The protocol used on top of CAN ROW uses messages called Service Data Objects (SDO).