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Sync Terms


This is a configurable parameter (OD entry [1005h,00h]) in all nodes that supports synchronized communication. The connection object ID specifies which CAN message identifier is used as the SYNC signal, with the default at 80h. This parameter is individually configurable in each node; thus it is possible to have multiple SYNC signals in a system. This allows developers to group nodes together, with some working with one SYNC signal and others working with another SYNC signal.

SYNC Producer

There is only one node that produces the SYNC signal. Although it could be the NMT Master producing the SYNC, it does not need to be. Any node can be a SYNC producer, but only one node can be the producer of a specific SYNC in a system.

Communication Cycle Period

This is the time period in microseconds with which the SYNC signal occurs. Nodes supporting synchronized communication have this value available in the OD entry [1006h,00h].

Synchronous Window Length

This is the time window in microseconds in which all communication triggered by a SYNC signal must occur. Nodes supporting synchronized communication may have this optional value available in the OD entry [1007h,00h].