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If you want to build a ship don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. (Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupéry)


The software package is based on a modular concept which combines exceptional openness and versatility. Customer specific functions can be easily integrated via an open .NET programming interface in the form of individual modules (an available plug-in called Script View supports C# language, code completion, run and debug features).


By using a number of different vendors hardware it offers the following functions:

  • online monitoring of bus traffic;
  • support of 11- and 29-bit identifiers (CAN 2.0A/2.0B);
  • timestamp for receive objects;
  • parallel monitoring of several CAN buses (using even different vendors hardware at the same time);
  • integrated support of project databases (integrated tool for converting DBC databases into xml);
  • online trace on hard disk with various trigger conditions;
  • graphic display of message contents;
  • toolbox of common controls (gauges, spinboxes, etc) for high level UI design;
  • integrated IDE with C# compiler support, editing and code completion (intellisense support);
  • display of the CAN controller status and bus load;
  • third party plug-ins support due to the open architecture;
  • plug-ins for Keyword 2000 (ISO 15765), CCP and CANOPEN protocols.