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Keyword 2000

The Keyword 2000 protocol referes to two different standards according to the transport layer used:

ISO-14230 for Keyword 2000 over RS-232 and ISO-15765 for Keyword 2000 over CAN BUS. A number of solutions are available built on top of a two libraries implementing KWP2000:
  • One library is implemented in C# .NET to be used inside .NET applications
  • A second library is implemented in bare C code to be used inside embedded environments

libraries implement ISO-14230 and ISO-15765 such that both RS-232 and CAN can be used.

embedded version has been successfully linked inside custom boot loaders for the following architectures:

  • ARM7 - ARM9 (NXP)
  • Infineon C167CS

Building environments:

  • .NET version: Visual Studio 2008
  • C version: Keil uVision (NXP) / Tasking compiler (Infineon)